We combine behavioral science, computer science, and threat analysis to reduce employees’ susceptibility to phishing attacks. Our world-class training sensitizes employees and our phishing simulations maintain that edge to protect their workstations and the company from ransomware attacks.


Our cutting-edge technology protects against malware, fileless threats, browser hijacks, scripts and emploits embedded in attachments. Our technology does not need prior knowledge of an exploit to thwart attacks from known and unknown sources.


We provide continuity of operations through real-time, off-site backups to recover data, develop forensics and provide public relations advice to assure customers and partners that proper actions are being taken to mitigate the loss of data.

PhishKill Business Security

Military Grade Security

Security Consulting

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Data Protection Strategies
  • Database Design
  • Encrypt Sensitive Business Data
  • Access Strategy/Policy
  • Continuity of Operations Plan
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Employee Training
  • Insider Threat Assessment & Mitigation
  • Acceptable Use Policy Monitoring
  • Internet of Things Design & Testing